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martinez had big dreams of going to college and being a success. >> his life was taken by a lost soul. >> reporter: investigators believe martinez tried to drive away after he had been shot. he lost control of his car and collided into a garage. he was pronounced dead at the scene, killed by gunfire. >> we ask the same question over and over. why him? he never fought. he didn't believe in fights. he believed in breaking up fights. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect is no stranger to crime. he has been arrested several times on weapons charges. detectives say this time ford left fingerprints at the scene of the murder. >> unfortunately for mr. ford here, he left his palmprint on the door of the car. so that's what -- there was that and there was also some anonymous information. >> reporter: investigators tell us that there were three suspects that fatal night. now, the alleged shooter is behind bars. but elizabeth, there are still two suspects that are at large and fairfield investigators hope people will come forward with information no questions asked. >> juliette goodrich in
. >> time that we tell big companies such as disney that they don't need tax breaks. they made an incredible amount of money and they are not paying a lot of taxes, which is affecting our schools. >> reporter: they took their message inside a board of regents meeting at uc-san francisco. their message was heard but the outcome disappointing for them. fees must go up. >> it's going to happen. >> reporter: the regents approved a 9.6% tuition increase on top of an 8% increase already approved, bringing undergrad tuition to more than $12,000 a year. that's 18% higher than last year. nation without room, board or -- that's without room, board or books. >> reluctantly approved thin crease. but we have no choice to preserve the quality of the university which is the top priority. >> reporter: bottom line, university students like joseph silva will be strapped. >> i'm already working as a barista and server at my current job and i'm going to have to get another job because i don't have enough financial aid which makes grad school unreasonable but what am i going to do with just a bachelor's degree n
, the big focus was on five acres outside this business where they hold a -- they store these large container bins. >>> reporter: the enormous black petaluma of smoke spread outcasting -- plume spread out, casting a big smoke area. 20- to 30,000 bins are stored here. the fire marshal says it's a difficult fire to fight. >> because the bins are plastic, they are hydrocarbon based product. they are simple floor a tire fire. >> reporter: she says it will take a lot of water and time. they are also using afff foam, a lightweight foam very effective in fighting these kinds of fires. the weeds had been cut recently as fire prevention measures so there was little to burn and the wildfire was put out quickly. the hr director had nothing to say about how the fire started but was grateful? >> got okay. >> we're just very thankful that all of our employees evacuated safely. and we didn't have any injuries or anything like that. >> reporter: of fire agency in solano county is represented here including travis air force base personnel. the bay area air quality management direct is also on scene
. and one big question, where are the divers? if they could search the record down 200 or 300 feet deep they might get some answers mainly whether any of the dead are still trapped in the wreckage. >> more questions than answers. thank you. >>> the families of the seven missing fishermen are clinging to the hope of course that those men will be found alive. the mexican navy is still searching for those missing. it has agreed to search beyond the typical 96 hours, which is protocol for its water rescues. after that the search typically turns into a recovery mission. but relatives have set up a facebook page called find our fathers, with pictures of each of the fishermen who is missing. >>> a pair of brush fire keeps crews busy this afternoon. around 2:45 p.m., flames were spotted in a grassy area near wood valley place in danville. that's close to blackhawk plaza. it took about 15 minutes for firefighters to put it out. smoke hung over homes. no houses were burned. an hour later another grassfire was spotted in the oakland hills. this is near redwood road and skyline boulevard. it appear
. >>> certainly a big embarrassment for the tsa. a me knower. > ian man is in federal custody -- a nigerian man is in federal custody when he got through security twice at major u.s. airports with bogus boarding passes. kendis gibson reports in one case, the suspect even managed to get on the plane. >>> reporter: frequent flyer christine hammond is alarmed to hear a man could get on a plane with an expired boarding pass that didn't have his name on it and didn't match his id. >> when stuff like this happens it just shows me rewe'llly don't have the -- we really don't have the security we're supposed to have. >> reporter: the nigerian, olajide noibi, made it past is it agents in new york and flew to virgin airlines. halfway through the flight and attendant realized he shouldn't be on the plane. the captain alerted authorities who met noibi at the gate, questioned him and let him go. >> we are supposed to have a mult layered system of security. the next layer picks up the problem and it didn't. that's troubling. >> reporter: a few days later noibi returned to l.a.x. and once again got through sec
. teenagers admit drinking is a big problem. one did not want to appear on camera. >> a lot of teenagers are drinking around everywhere, like they are going to parties and getting alcohol. kids are drinking and even, i mean, real underage, just 13 years old. i'm not gonna say that i haven't drank before, i mean i have too. and i know i probably shouldn't, but -- >> reporter: another teen got permission from her parents to talk to us. >> i've had friends die that way and it's not really cool because you're worried sick because you can't -- if i go to a party i have to bring my own water bottles, i can't let my friends do anything, so that makes me nervous. >> reporter: the santa rosa school district knows alcohol abuse is on the rise. there are classes about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. >> a few years ago at the high school level we began to notice that we were having more and more alcohol at the dances and we addressed it by having students have to sign an understanding that they are not supposed to bring alcohol to the dances and they then are subject to random breathalyzers a
the deal. afternoon. the state highway patrol says the big rig overturned on a highway connector ra just after >>> a big rig crashed in san mateo this afternoon. the state highway patrol says the big rig carrying crushed cars overturned on a highway corrector ramp from 92 to 101 just after noon. some smashed recycled vehicles spilled on the road. the ramp was closed for more than 3 hours. no serious injuries were reported. >>> they say their neighborhood was being held hostage. mail service stopped for a week all because of a dog. ann notarangelo is in vallejo, where the situation escalated into a much bigger issue. ann? >> reporter: elizabeth, neighbors had to come to this post office to pick up their mail since it wasn't being delivered. they are not happy about that and really mad about the reason why. >> it pissed me off. >> we shouldn't all be reprimanded for one house. >> reporter: friday neighbors on the 500 block got this letter telling them mail service was stopped because of a dog. now, the post office and the dog's owner dispute what happened but agree had do with a chihauhau
are right for you. you can tell, customers are still fu >>> it's been a week since netflix announced its big price hike and as you can see, customers still fuming. more than half of netflix subscribers are pledging to cancel their service. mike sugerman on what could be behind what a lot of people are saying is this outrageous price hike. >> reporter: it could be considered a big price hike or it could be called a good deal. no matter what it looks like the future. netflix is taking net flak. is raised prices 60% now about $16 month for unlimited movies screened and on dvd. >> i'm serious about it. i watch movies every day and the prices were so affordable. >> reporter: she's steamed and so were the emailers to cbs 5. no different than the greed of the gangsters on wall street. that sucks. i'm not a netflix subscriber and now i won't be for sure. >> i think anytime you increase someone's cost, especially that much of a percentage, it annoys them. >> reporter: boy, did it. a cnet poll found 55% of the 23 million customers say they will drop the service. >> i think people feel entitled to a pr
little property damage. only three arrests were made. but the big question today, can the finger of blame be pointed at deejay cascade, who apparently sent out a tweet at 2:30 telling everyone to come down and join the premiere of the electric daisy carnival experience? >> the prosecution would have to show that he intended to create a riot. >> reporter: according to his twitter account, this is what deejay cascade tweeted yesterday afternoon. quote, today at 6 p.m. in hollywood at man's chinese theater me plus big speakers plus music equals block party and his followers responded in a big way. did they ever. >> around 7:00, there was a mob of people flooding the streets and the sidewalk. >> people were so around me it got really bad. once people started ending up on the street because there was overfilling of people. >> reporter: who do you blame? >> uhm, kaskade. >> reporter: he was not arrested by the lapd but could he be held responsible because of that tweet? usc law professor jack lerner. >> you don't have any kind of incitement to lawless action. just saying we are going to have a
in a big way because we have a lot of startups. >> reporter: it could be a big blow to investor's confidence. >> if america's bond rating and credibility goes down, that impacts how our businesses are perceived in real ways and it can hurt them in their ability to run their businesses. >> reporter: mayor reid says cities are also bracing for the impact. bond cites go up which could make financing infrastructure improvements like roads or sidewalks more expensive at a time when cities can least afford it. >> we are talk hundreds of millions of dollars of obligation. if the price goes up only 1%, there can be millions of dollars additional cost to the city. >> reporter: how does that affect the citizens? >> with more money going into paying debt service that means there's less money for services and we have to cut from someplace else in our budget. >> reporter: and san jose is one city that can ill afford to have any money go out where it's not needed right now because they are facing that $110 million budget deficit. again next year. so allen no matter where you look now it seem
. >> they are all close friends, family, friends, some related by marriage but basically it's a big friend trip. >> reporter: han says his family is doing the best it can under the circumstances and is in touch with both u.s. and mexican officials. >> we have been reassured by the u.s. consulate as well as governor of mexico that they are going to expand their search. >> reporter: the family has put together this missing persons poster which they are tributing in mexico through other -- distributing in mexico through other fishing groups an along the shoreline where the men could have come ashore. >> if the governments are willing to put the effort into it and they have the experience, i have a hope they will find them safe. >> reporter: one of those still missing brian wong is from berkeley. he was on the fishing trip with three of his brothers. those three brothers were among those who have been rescued onshore. but brian wong is still missing. as for the other families, they have been told by mexican authorities that this search effort will continue until 2 a.m. friday morning. that's actual
: graffiti tags are popping up daily along alum rock avenue big ones, small ones, dozens on a single doorway. >> makes me feel like a slap in the face because i was born and raised here on the east side and live this place. and i'm sure a lot of other people love it here as well. >> reporter: frank cortez is the president of the alum rock business association. >> this is probably done last night because i didn't see it yesterday. >> reporter: he says this constantly tagged wall was just given a fresh cold front paint in preparation for a new store opening up but it's already been tagged. >> i don't think they realize the large amount of money that gets wasted every year on covering up their graffiti. >> reporter: but it's not just an east side problem or just in san jose. cities all across america are experiencing a bumper crop of graffiti tag this is summer, tagging usually does increase during the time kids are out of school. but this year's increase may also be due to the economy. >> they have nothing else to do for entertainment. a can of spray costs four bucks. they go do what they can.
time share scam. 234589 solutions has been offering to unload timeshares for people for a big up-front fee. owners are told that buyers are lined up and they'll get a refund when the sale goes through but that, of course, never happens. it's a common scam consumer watch has covered before. a sign of >> i'd heard that they asked for money up front to sell it and been advised you're not supposed to do that. >> like we told that viewer, up- front fees are a sign of a scam. you should always use licensed time share real estate brokers and never pay a fee until the property is sold. >>> finally, tonight, college is expensive enough but now some universities are pushing parents to buy tuition insurance. if the student gets sick and leaves school it is more expensive but is it a good idea? that depends on who you ask. some financial experts say these policies only benefit the school because whether or not you drop out the school still gets tuition. school officials disagree. she say it's protection for an expensive investment. >> the airline thing is really, you can't catch a break. >>
.t. kept the momentum going. >> i think he is a big deal. he really is, because i was ready to quit. >> reporter: j.t. said the training he received in the u.s. naval cadet corps kicked in. what surprised him was finding the rock he used to break the window. >> it's a lot heavier than i remember. but yeah, when i picked it up, it felt like it was paper. i guess that's what adrenaline does to you. >> reporter: you're convinced that they saved his life? >> absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt. no -- no doubt in my mind his life was saved by the loving and caring goodness of the people that live here. >> i'm just one of the lucky neighbors. a lot of people of would have done it. not everybody. there was lots of people watching. but he needed help. >> i didn't do this to be a hero. i did this to save a neighbor's life. >> reporter: i just spoke with don's wife. he is in stable condition at uc- davis burn unit being treated for smoke inhalation. it will be a long recovery process. but she knows he wouldn't be alive if it hadn't been for their quick thinking neighbors. so quick that isr
: the police chief says he is open to that idea of having a meeting but the big question is whether or not the federal agents will be open to it or the federal agency itself because if they do it here, they might have to do it in cities across america. live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> nearly two dozen san jose firefighters are back on the job tonight. fire chief william mcdonald presented badges to 22 firefighters who were laid off last year. a $15 million fema grant helped the department pay for the hires. budget cuts forced san jose to lay off a total of 49 firefighters last year. >>> next, packed and nowhere to go. the search for the agent accused of taking would have been travelers for a -- would- be travelers for a ride. >>> save your gas and stay at home. the traffic nightmare about to descend on l.a. >>> only takes them about 30 seconds. >> and you're left with a red bump. what makes some people more prone to blood sucking mosquitos. ,,,,,,,, police in san jose say the agent took off after taking an untold number of would- be travelers >>> a south bay travel agent is
down the street you may have guessed that. the big fear now is that because everybody has seen this guy, he may destroy it just to get rid of the evidence and that within a shame. if you have seen this guy, you know this guy, call san francisco police. >> i mean, it would be amazing if this guy actually got away with it. it sounds like he just lost the movie thomas crown affair and thinks he can walk into an art gallery and take a picture and walk out. >> reporter: i said it was double locked down. it was really two hooks and now they are going to get surveillance and security in there because maybe it was a little too easy for this guy it walk out with a picture. >> thank you, mike sugerman in san francisco. >>> this evening the mexican navy is promising not to give up on the search for bay area fish american missing after their charter boat capsized. and for the first time tonight we're hearing from some of the survivors. joe vazquez shows us some video of the survivors moments after their rescue. joe. >> reporter: you will be able to see it in the video. they have been through an emo
's a yearly battle between violators, firefighters and police. >> very big weekend. probably starts tonight actually. >> reporter: and this year, firefighters are trying something new something not so different from an amnesty program. bring your illegal fireworks to the station. >> just ring the doorbell, the firefighters will take possession of them and place them in a 55-gallon drum. >> no questions asked. >> i don't know if it would work. people want to have fun on the 4th of july. >> i don't see why you would turn it in if you could get away with it. >> reporter: how likely is it that people will bring in very expensive illegal fireworks? >> we are hoping that people will make the right decision and bring them to the firehouse. >> reporter: the fact is, firefighters will be relying more heavily on people making the right decisions this year. budget cuts means fewer firefighters are available to patrol the city this weekend leaving neighbors with just one low expectation. >> it will be loud as always. >> hopefully, no one will be injured. no property will be damaged. no properties will
. on the consumerwatch, julie watts with the wake-up call about one little item probably responsible for a big chunk of your bill. >>> reporter: time for a pop quiz. what uses more energy? that big box in your kitchen or those little boxes connected to your tv? >> i would say my refrigerator. >> set-top box on the tv. >> reporter: according to the natural resources defense council a typical two-box configuration like this uses more energy than an energy star rated refrigerator. both the boxes and the fridge consume about $50 worth of electricity a year. why so much? cnet's brian cooley says one reason, those boxes that usher signals into your tv set stay on all the time. >> there is no power switch on these as you may have noticed. you can't turn it off because it doesn't work when do you. >> norah horowitz of the nrdc says that's because set-top boxes are designed for the benefit of the service providers who send updates and downloads at all hours of the day and night. >> they should wake the device up, download this stuff and then go back down to the low power level. >> reporter: and he says until
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